The importance of a mobile friendly website

The importance of a mobile friendly website

We don’t need to tell you how mobile devices have changed our lifestyle, you just need to look around and you’ll see even prior generations are adapting to the new and changing technologies. This is the era of smartphones and almost everyone has them on their hands at all time, they’re a lot more accessible than desktop computers or laptops when we want to find something we need.

With the Internet providing tons of information and product reviews from actual buyers, today’s consumer wants to be informed more than ever before. And in many cases they prefer to know with anticipation if certain item is available, the cost, and the store’s opening hours before moving to the actual location.

Numbers don’t lie, the amount of people using their phones for this has increased over the years:


In fact, having a mobile friendly website has become so important that it could affect your result ranking on Google mobile searches.That’s right, in 2015 a new algorithm got implemented by Google in order to show you mobile friendly results first. Good news is you can know how is your site doing with this testing tool and get to work fixing all the issues it may find to be back on the run.

You can see how, according to the analytics from Google, search engines have a huge impact for mobile research being the main starting point for most of it.


If this still doesn’t convince you

According to SmartInsights, an average of 78% of the consumers around the world use mobile devices and spend almost 6 hours a day on internet usage, making very clear how imperative it is to have a mobile website that communicates exactly what we want in an understandable way.

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What makes a website ‘Mobile Friendly’?


A lot of the impact your business may have over customers visiting to your site comes from the general user experience you provide them, no matter how great your product is… If the user can’t understand or use your site they’ll go elsewhere.
Some aspects to take into account would be

  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Responsiveness
  • Speed.


So let’s take a look at it:



Of course you need to make sure everything works as it’s supposed to, since some functionalities could fail with the desktop/mobile transition. It’d be great if you schedule a weekly check, use your site as a user and look for anything that could be wrong, don’t take it for granted.



Once you know everything works ask yourself:

  • Is the information clear?
  • Is there a clear path for the user to follow?
  • Every item is nested in the right menu?
  • Buttons are easy to tap on a mobile screen or are they too close?
  • How ergonomic is your design when you’re holding a smartphone?


This isn’t only about your site doing what it has to do, you need to take care of how it does it.



Design responsiveness is a must since many features could be displayed very different from desktop to a mobile device turning it into a frustrating experience for a user; a user who is more likely to just give up in the first minute of not being able to figure out your site, we are now so used to having what we want in an instant that it only takes a second to make a decision and change directions to another business.



Not only is this the smartphone era, is the ASAP one too. We no longer have to wait for letters when we have instant messaging right in our hands, taking the time to go to a store? your shopping is just a click away. With technology getting faster and faster everyday, consumers know what they want and they want it now.

You may think 5 seconds is an extremely short amount of time, right? Well… it certainly isn’t in Internet time, the seconds your site takes to load can make a big difference for a customer to stay or give up and hit the back button.
Granted, you don’t have control over the connexion quality of the user; but there are ways to make your site faster, like not making redundant requests to the server or using cache to reuse your resources.

So now you know it, this world ain’t stopping soon so you better get on the ride!